EMENTA SB - Fluffy Baby Corduroy Bag - Black

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The fluffy bag is the item that completes your outfit, very casual and elegant makes this bag an essential for your daily walk in the city. The simple lines makes the bag super comfortable to wear and practical. The zipped back pocket makes it easy to access. You can wear it in on the shoulder, across the chest or simply strapped around the waist.

The corduroy material is known for its texture and resistance.  We tried to adapt the material in order to make it not only resistant but water repellent and adapt it to various accessories.

All the accessories are hand made with care and Love and also made in a sustainable way,  because we believe in Slow fashion .

Detailed features:

- Material: corduroy 

- Adjustable nylon strap

- Zipped back pocket

- Spacious

- Size: length: 20cm; height: 13cm; width: 3.5cm;

- Embroidered baby logo in front