Concave Grinder Green Tool 2 parts

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The only grinder fully designed by skaters

A real skate tool if you need to set up a new board and a beast if you need to grind your herbs.

This grinder is the result of 2 years of work to make it as efficient to use as it is beautiful to watch. Designed in France and built with the finest materials, to reach one goal: make your grinds the best possible.


Made by skaters

Visualized at a skate spot, by skateboarders with green and no tools. Green Tool is a unique and patent-pending design that cleverly combines one of the best herb grinders ever made, with a skate tool that’s always here for you.

Best Materials

Green Tool is made from Aluminum 7075 (aerospace grade) one of the strongest aluminiums with the best mechanical properties. Most grinders use aluminum 6061 a softer and cheaper alloy that can dent and bend more easily over time. Using better materials is the best way to offer you a life-lasting product.

Highly Recyclable

The grinder, the box, and even the postal carton are made from recycled or highly recyclable materials.

No Threads

You won’t have to unscrew and screw back your Green Tool ever, it’s all magnetic !

No Jamming

Get used to it ! Your Green Tool won’t jam as other grinders do.

Also, the rounded angles make it hard for deposit and easy to clean.

Leather Case

Every jewel needs a jewelry box, right ? We couldn’t just put your grinder in a plastic bag or anything like this. With Green Tool you can take your grinder outside with style and forget about spilling accidents.