NEW DEAL "Tricycle Kid" Andy Howell Skateboard Deck 9.625" BLACK

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New deal 30th anniversary reissued decks have landed!

New reissue from New Deal's first run of boards back at the start of the 1990s. This is the Andy Howell "Tricycle Kid" model.

It's the same shape, size, concave and graphics as the originals. The nose is double drilled so you could have a longer more modern nose or keep it late 80s and go shorter on the conk.
100% Canadian Maple
7 ply
Medium/Deep concave
9.625" x 30.8"
5.75" or 6.25" nose
6.75" tail
14.5" or 14" wheelbase (inside to inside holes)
Width over front truck : 9.5"
Width over rear truck : 8.625"