Dogtown "Red Dog Og Rider" SKATEBOARD DECK 9" X 30" LIME

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It's a reissue of a classic 70s Dogtown deck but modernised a little to make it more rider friendly - hence it is called a "Rider".
The Rider reissues all feature deeper concave, slight nose kicks and sharper top edges. Subtle differences when compared to the regular reissues but they really do make them far easier to skate. The "Rider" models all have the distinctive sprayed rails so they look different from the more old skool version.
The sharp top edges give far better edge feel and increased grip. If you are not a flip kid then all decks should have sharp edges - ride one once and you'll be converted.

Drilled for new hole trucks which means your OG 70s trucks won't fit, without drilling a couple of extra holes, but modern Bennett, Tracker, Independent, etc. will all fit fine.